Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some thoughts on blogging

Quilters can spend a lot of time reading blogs of other quilters and not actually quilting, though I do admire regulars bloggers such as Meredithe at Pomegranate and Chintz and Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts who both manage to find time to make wonderful quilts and write interesting blogs. I have called my blog quilting and cooking because they are my two favourite past times (along with eating) though I have yet to get aroung to blogging anything about cooking and not much about quilting, so I may have to consider changing the name of my blog to Procrastination is my middle name (as my mother has often said to me!).

Meredithe at Pomegranate and Chintz had a link to a tutorial on an easy technique for a trip around the world quilt by Bonnie Hunter
I have already made one block and will soon make some more.

At the moment I am working on a purple and green quilt that I hope to finish in time for the Springwood Quilt Show in April!!
These are four inch blocks, it is always good to have a deadline to work to!! Well  I am aiming to blog more frequently and I may even include some posts on cooking.

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