Monday, May 26, 2014

On point or not?

Not much sewing has been going on around here lately, which is why I have not been updating my blog, I don’t have anything much of a material nature to post, and also I have been very busy at work organising an annual event.

Rediscovered these churn dash blocks in red, grey and black that was my travelling to work piecing project a few years ago. This quilt has never been finished because I cannot decide whether to set the blocks in straight lines with an alternate black block or on point with alternate black blocks.

Churn dash is an interesting block that looks very different (to my eyes) when it is in a straight line

 Compared with when the blocks are placed on point. These photos are bit wonky because the blocks have been placed roughly on my bed.



I think that I need to put the blocks up on my "design wall" (the wall in the dining room) and look at them for a while before making a final decision. Though the decision may be made for me, as I will have to make more blocks if I set the blocks in straight lines.