Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anzac Day

The last few years Anzac Day has been bright and sunny, not so today. There was still a very good turnout in the rain.

Anzac Day, a time for reflection, is always a moving occasion, and more sombre in the rain.

 There are services like this in many little towns around Australia today.

Long time between posts!

 Well as usual it has been some time between posts. This is because I have been trying to finish this quilt (in spite of furry obstacles) for the Springwood quilt  show

Well now that this is actually hanging at the Springwood quilt show I can read my email and update my blog. I must be the sloweeest quilter.

When entering my quilt I remembered that the lighting in the Springwood High School hall is not the best so I thought that no one will notice the (many) flaws in my quilt. However, when I took this photo of all the beautiful quilts hung ready for the crowds of visitors tomorrow I noticed that the lighting in the Hall has been much improved (though not enough to improve the clarity of my photography).

It was our wedding anniversary last week and we went for a delightful cruise on the Nepean River on the the Nepean Belle.