Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birds in the garden

Yesterday was a bit of an upset because we thought we had lost our cat. At 5.30 am yesterday morning the LARGE dog from next door broke through the fence and chased  our cat Sunny. He ran off and was not seen all day causing our family much distress, fortunately a very subdued Sunny turned up at 11.00 pm much to the relief of all.
Still working on the purple and green quilt, sewed this ocean waves today, but I think the contrast is too low and that I will have to redo this block in different colours.

There were different birds in the garden today, we have a group of sulphur crested cockatoos that visit now and then  and they love Jatz biscuits (a type of cracker). They sit on the clothesline and call for attention untill I go out and give them some Jatz.

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