Monday, February 4, 2013

Birds in the garden and some cooking

Yellow tailed black cockatoos often pass through our garden and eat the pine cones on the Radiata pines and we usually only see them high in the tree tops, but today one came down to drink from the bird bath and they are such large birds!

Especially when compared with a magpie drinking at the same bird bath

Well today I also managed to take photos of some cooking - white chocolate and raspberry muffins, I usually only add raspberries, but I had some white chocolate that I wanted to use up. The muffins tasted okay, but a little too sweet, so I don't think that I will add the white chocolate when I make the muffins again.

Then  more birdlife in the garden, almost from the sublime to the ridiculous or the very large to the very small with the visit of a superb fairy wren and his mate, you can just see him on the pergola.

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