Saturday, October 19, 2013


Last post I promised more holiday photos.

We had a lovely lunch at one of my favourite wineries Chandon at Green Point, where my favourite wine is made.

We also had lunch at another favourite place the Yarra Valley Dairy, where they make the most delicious goat cheese.

We also had another delicious lunch at the Kinglake Pub, I forgot to take photos as the food as I was too busy tucking in.  We did take photos of the trees, still not recovered after five years. This is from Kinglake looking towards Melbourne.

We also visited Marysville where the fires were even worse.

 For the last few days it has been hard to settle to anything as the smoke from bushfires swirls around.

Today was a bit cooler and not too much wind so I have been working on my Trip around the world using  the technique on Pomegranate and Chintz 

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Every Stitch said...

Sad to see the trees at Kinglake - and now it is NSW's turn :(
Lovely "Trip-around-the-world" - fresh spring colours too!