Sunday, October 20, 2013

A day off work

I should be at work today but I injured my knee in a fall last week and as my occupation involves a lot of standing and walking I am unable to go to work, so I must spend my time recuperating and quilting (sigh).
We are still in the midst of some rather nasty bushfires, this was the view of blue sky from the front of house yesterday,

And this was the view from the back of the house, can hardly see to the next ridge through the smoke.

Today this beauty arrived in the post, Andover Jo Morton IQSQ Birdsong.

It is intended to be the backing for this when it is finished.

The blocks are made from one inch pieces so I think it will take some time to complete.

This is my quilt for car and train trips, it is always good to have some portable hand piecing.

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