Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A few days away

Had a short sojourn in the beautiful Yarra Valley a week ago, which conveniently coincided with the Quilts in the Barn exhibition of beautiful chintz quilts. We arrived on the Friday morning at about 10.30 am but the crowd was so large had a quick look around and decided to return the next day. On the Saturday of the AFL grand final and the crowds had disappeared.
I loved the chintz quilts, especially the elephant quilt

Inspired by viewing the quilts I purchased a piece of the Petra Prins chintz and also the wonderful Quiltmania book - Chintz quilts from the Poos collection, which I had pre ordered with Linda so that I should not miss out.
Di Ford Hall quiltmaker extraordinaire was behind the stall selling the Petra Prins fabrics, I am hoping to use this fabric when I attend the Threadbear Applique School in March next year. Di Ford Hall and Margaret Macdonald will be teaching a variety of techniques  in applique, Broderie Perse, fussy cutting and hand piecing. Di is a very thorough and generous teacher, I am so looking forward to this.
I will also be in Castlemaine on the weekend of the Castlemaine Applique Group's inaugural exhibition which should be outstanding.

Mary Koval and her husband had travelled from the US with a great stash of antique quilts and fabric pieces and blocks for sale. I particularly liked this blue and brown quilt

I purchased a small piece of chintz fabric dating from circa 1830, that I hope to use in a quilt somehow, some day!
Not sure if I shall use it whole or as broderie perse. Notice the great sheen of the chintz.
Quilts in the Barn was a great experience, very well organised by Linda and her friends. It was great to meet Linda and also Meredithe, I follow their blogs and it was a pleasure to meet them both.

I somehow managed not to take many photos of the quilts, (I get  a bit overwhelmed with the experience of looking at them) there are some great photos on these two inspiring blogs that I follow Hilda and Carole.
More holiday photos to come.


Every Stitch said...

Wow Ruth - what a shame not to have met you there! I made a road trip of a few days to include the wonderful QITB and was there Saturday too. Love the antique chintz you bought - am sure you will come up with a great use for it.

Every Stitch said...

So glad I met you at Castlemaine and hope you liked the amazing exhibition! I've had a good read back over your blog and can't believe what a fool I am. I follow too many blogs and get confused with them all... I now remember how impressed I was with this medallion ..and there was your Morrell too!! Now I can put a face to the blogger that should help stave off the dementia - can but hope:)