Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 2

Well, still keeping up with the challenge!. Today I have finished binding the streak of lightning quilt for son R's girlfriend.

 Son M is holding the quilt for the outdoor photoshoot, (luckily he is quite tall). I have to confess that I commenced this quilt nearly twenty years ago, and when I found out that R's girlfriend likes purple and black I thought that it would be ideal as a gift for her.


and even added a label, (the Clover wonder clips are great when binding a quilt, no more blood on quilts from injuries from pins).

Also today I have cut out some more pieces for my ongoing blue and white postage stamp quilt which I sew in the train on the journey to and from work.

I find the plastic punnets that apples are packaged in are ideal for reuse as receptacles for patchwork pieces.

Well what shall I sew tomorrow?

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Rachaeldaisy said...

20 years!?! It was worth the wait because it looks wonderful, especially for someone who loves purple. I recently got some binding clips and they really do make a difference! Looking forward to seeing what you sew next.